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Cindy HU - President

Realizing that most people are unwilling to interfere and stay away from lawsuit, to Improve the chaotic status of intellectual property that enterprises should possess but not, possess but not use, possess but useless or possess but abuse, and try to establish a correct and usable concept of intellectual property rights for clients.

While we provide the services to clients, we hope to establish the correct intellectual property rights concept, and let clients familiar with the intellectual property rights knowledge.

we're HU&WU

Mary WU – Manager

Patent is an optimum way to protect your technology and products, and Trademark is an optimum way to prevent your brand from counterfeit.

 Through the law, it can provide protection for the company’s technology, products, and brands, and will prevent possible competition in the market. This is worthy of in-depth understanding and investment for the industry to obtain the opportunity to gain a firm foothold in the markets.

Strengthening the company’s patent and trademark protection still needs to be combined with the use of other related intellectual property rights such as Trade Secret and Copyright. For the developing small company, the intellectual property rights can be the strongest shield.

We hope that while providing professional services to each client, it will also enable clients to obtain corresponding knowledge and successfully add value to the company’s intangible assets.

About the process

HU & WU Patent Office

Qualified Taiwan patent attorney: No. A0382

Qualified China patent attorney: No. 7117442, No.7121494

Singapore, United States, Hongkong, China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, European, Great British, Germany, Netherland, Canada etc.…

Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret matters

Training relating to intellectual property (IP) Rights

Patent Search

Patent or Trademark Revocation or Litigation

Comparative Analysis of Patent Infringement

FTO Analysis

Assignment or License of Patent or Trademark

Getting application date and number in time by using TIPO E-Filing System.

Our Firm’s document management system daily and automatically receive electric files of Official documents from TIPO.

Computer aided manage deadlines of documents and procedures.

Special multinational program linkage management: PPH, AEP, IDS etc. programs

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Our Performance​

Allowance ratio of TW invention patent applications in different technical fields (updated in June 2021)
IC integrated circuit design 97.4%
Semiconductor equipment 93%
Semiconductor packaging and testing technology 84%
Software or controlling related technology 100%
Mechanical technology 85%