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The core values of our company are integrity and transparency

We have more than 20 years of experience in applying for patents and make patentability successful for more than thousands of cases. We can assist you to apply for a patent in Taiwan or other relative matters makes your patent protection more comprehensive and prevent your patent infringed by the patent troll.


We will evaluate your technology and guide you to grasp the key point of your technology for applying patent successfully.

Multinational patent applications

Besides providing patent and trademark application filing services in Taiwan. We also provide multinational patent and trademark applications for you to expand your business overseas and build comprehensive protection for your intellectual property.

Assistance in infringement litigation

When your patent encounters an infringement, or as a defendant for patent infringement, we provide full support to you.

Comparative analysis of patent infringement、Freedom to Operate Search (FTO).
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Patent is an optimum way to protect your technology and products.

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Trademark is an optimum way to prevent your brand from counterfeit.

Accumulated with over 20 years of practical experience, no matter you are a first-time or experienced applicant, we will bring you a rich and safe intellectual property application experience.

Our Performance

Allowance ratio of TW invention patent applications in different technical fields (updated in June 2021)
IC integrated circuit design 97.4%
Semiconductor equipment 93%
Semiconductor packaging and testing technology 84%
Software or controlling related technology 100%
Mechanical technology 85%