World IP Day: IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future

This year, the World Intellectual Property Day 2022’s theme focuses on IP and Youth innovating for a Better Future. TIPO combines the civil group and education organizations with a series of campaigns that revolves around the theme this year. Including Patent Drafting Competition for the Youth, Embrace IP and Pursue Your Dreams-2022 Entrepreneur Seminar, Social Media and Virtual Reality vs. IPR, Careers in IP, and Laws regarding IP and Creations in the New Age. All the campaigns and seminars were already fully booked, and some participated online. As we can see, the issue of intellectual property rights has been focused on the society nowadays. 

        Our patent attorney Cindy S.T., HU was honored to be invited as a professional lecturer in the Patent Drafting Competition for Youth which invites students from universities and colleges. By offering lessons that cover strategies for acquiring and utilizing intellectual property rights, the participants could gain an in-depth understanding of patents and the ability to complete a patent specification through the in-class lessons.


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